Following up with my last job where I was doing some UI for some company's expansion, added to the never ending portfolio updating on Behance, I decided to roll up my sleeves and articulate a project that didn't go too far but deserved to be shared with the world. A fashion project.

I had a lot of material, a lot of work that took me a lot of time. I was glad to put it all together for once and never think about it again. The project was a failure for several reasons, and it has been always on my mind since then, as a painful memory of what happened. I kind of needed the catharsis of putting all the work together at once, share it, and leaving it behind. The result: a massive scroll image spreading more than 23000 pixels long (600px wide), more than 8 meters if you prefer. I was glad, it took me a lot of time to mount it. 

Here's a section of the scroll. A digital recreation of metal plated labels (they don't actually exist, It's digital fake stuff) that shows how much work I put on the presentation of the project. BTW it was funny to use Lorem ipsum generators. Here, Gansta Lorem ipsum. Find more at http://www.queness.com/post/9327/13-funny-and-useful-lorem-ipsum-generators

One day, I was just editing the texts, when I received an email from Behance: they where changing the format of the portfolios allowing to make them way bigger. It was a nice improvement, I thought, the bigger the better. The problem for me: my massive scroll image was too small for this new format, it wasn't wide enough. I tried to enlarge digitally it but it wasn't good enough. If I had to share it, it had to be crispy, it had to be perfect. "Fuck me!" I said. "Unlucky" I thought. Was this project kind of cursed? I couldn't believe it. I had to redo it, I lost a lot of time, again, and I knew I´ll loose more, again. Unlucky. That's life. Good things are never meant to be easy. No problem. I'm young, I have time. I will redo it, I swear, soon or late, it will be done, and it will be shared, and left behind. In the meantime, here it is, at least, you can have an idea what it was looking like even if in low resolution. L&D: a project that seems to be haunting me forever LOL.


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