Following up with my last job where I was doing some UI for some company's expansion, added to the never ending portfolio updating on Behance, I decided to roll up my sleeves and articulate a project that didn't go too far but deserved to be shared with the world. A fashion project.

I had a lot of material, a lot of work that took me a lot of time. I was glad to put it all together for once and never think about it again. The project was a failure for several reasons, and it has been always on my mind since then, as a painful memory of what happened. I kind of needed the catharsis of putting all the work together at once, share it, and leaving it behind. The result: a massive scroll image spreading more than 23000 pixels long (600px wide), more than 8 meters if you prefer. I was glad, it took me a lot of time to mount it. 

Here's a section of the scroll. A digital recreation of metal plated labels (they don't actually exist, It's digital fake stuff) that shows how much work I put on the presentation of the project. BTW it was funny to use Lorem ipsum generators. Here, Gansta Lorem ipsum. Find more at http://www.queness.com/post/9327/13-funny-and-useful-lorem-ipsum-generators

One day, I was just editing the texts, when I received an email from Behance: they where changing the format of the portfolios allowing to make them way bigger. It was a nice improvement, I thought, the bigger the better. The problem for me: my massive scroll image was too small for this new format, it wasn't wide enough. I tried to enlarge digitally it but it wasn't good enough. If I had to share it, it had to be crispy, it had to be perfect. "Fuck me!" I said. "Unlucky" I thought. Was this project kind of cursed? I couldn't believe it. I had to redo it, I lost a lot of time, again, and I knew I´ll loose more, again. Unlucky. That's life. Good things are never meant to be easy. No problem. I'm young, I have time. I will redo it, I swear, soon or late, it will be done, and it will be shared, and left behind. In the meantime, here it is, at least, you can have an idea what it was looking like even if in low resolution. L&D: a project that seems to be haunting me forever LOL.


Dylan electrificado

A few weeks ago I helped my friend S. Keusses, amazing poet, composer and guitar player, with the cover of his new album "Grabaciones lagarteranas Vol. 1" This is what came out from that afternoon. "That's exactly what I had in mind", he said, "thanks man, I love the cover". You are welcome, it was really funny.

Obviously the best is inside and you can hear his songs here:

and read a nice review (in spanish):

If you like it, follow him on FB :)


Small story but, for many reasons, with a great personal reward. My sister an I did this quick collaboration for a common friend's gift, star wars fan. Tusken raiders, or sand people, happens to be her favourite character (don't ask me why). 

I did the drawing and my sister coloured and framed it. Pretty quickly done, but with loads of love, our friend cried when she saw it as she could never expect such a weird (and btw deserved) portrait. She immediately put it on her "tusken shelf". 

The milestone of a lifetime.

I wish it was me on the illo, but it's a good friend who, despite of his injury, had the balls to finish his first marathon ever under 4 hours. I felt he deserved something special for such a life's milestone. I made it in a bit of a rush but, overall, I pretty liked the result.

And here I share it with you, as a small personal homage to all the marathon runners who try hard to best themselves in a crazy challenge done not for everyone. My father ran a bunch of them too (under 3 hours btw) and I'll always be so proud of him.

Unfortunately I'm not such a runner, I have other goals in life and little time to make it.
I prefer way more playing basketball, ;) "I'm a real baller" (Uncle Drew Ipse Dixit)

Technology High School

Recently I had the chance to make the corporate image of a technology high school based in Madrid.  More info with fully detailed complete design on link below, (Online portfolio) thanks for watching :) 

600 pixels and the infinite scroll

No, it's not the name of new doom metal band...

Recently I've been spending some time updating my portfolio on Behance.
I have to admit that I haven't payed too much attention to it as I had enough with a proper website and blog, facebook and tumblr (PHEW! and still there are so many more platforms to explore... it's crazy).

However, these last weeks I've been reading a nice book called MAKING IDEAS HAPPEN by Scott Belsky, founder and CEO of Behance. In addition, I've had a couple of nice conversations with a few fellow designers who encouraged me to use this powerful tool.  So I've spent the week end updating the portfolio, and I discovered a nice way to mount the projects with a single image, provided it's 600px wide, you can design it as long as you want, making a nice presentation out of it. Worst part is it takes a precious time that you don't know if it worths it. On the other side as a friend of mine says: "Good things are never easy, easy things are never good"


So I decided to use an old project (anatomy illlustrations) as a excuse for making a proper old scroll and I loved what came out. Presentation is very important, and it makes a huge difference. Sometimes we tend to forget it. Check it out here                               https://www.behance.net/gallery/22633581/Anatomy
                                    and see what I'm talking about.

Then I decided to put a couple of illos that never saw actually the light (personal projects that took me a nice amount of time), and made it count, mounting them on photoshop as if they were real printed comic books. Since I've never had a chance by publishers, at least I'm gonna make it happen in the binary world, and this is what came out. They look so real they make me feel good. I hope you like it too.


I'm in the band!

Couldn't find a better way to start the year. I recently designed the logo for a great band called Titiritrova. It was a nice challenge as it's a pretty awkward name, for a not less eclectic band, loaded with great talents, true artists and composers coming from different backgrounds. 

They gave me the opportunity to make the album cover too and everyone were very happy with the project as a hole. Finally, they launched the new album last January the 4th with a live performance and it was a massive success. All the best for them. Check them out at https://es-es.facebook.com/titiritrova.munera 

New tobacco branding and packaging design.

Funny thing is I quitted smoking this year, but I'm so glad to have the chance to work on another tobacco project for our friends from Seoul. Very nice project based on the marula fruit, that actually makes the savannah animals get drunk! I could hardly believe it when I was briefed LOL

Hopefully this new design is soon be launched! I'll keep you updated :)

Fashion illustration

Latest comission. Watercolor casual street models taken from different cities of the world for intrenational fashion magazine.


Many people keeps memories of Mr. T as a model rather than the great catalogue of human shames he actually is. Funny thing is that we love the character and the things we learnt from him and the show. One of these days I'm going for Lester Freamon LOL. However, I feel this is more like an homage to Gandolfini and the wisdom his characters shared with us. It's never too late. 
A nice excuse to keep on testing and mixing new techniques! I hope you like it

Sometimes it's easier to hate...

One of my last works. I wanted to put in play a few things I had in mind these last times, basically mixing dry, wet and digital techniques. I really like to add a bit of message on works like these that don't have too much to say by itself, except humble illustration skills. It makes it more interesting and shares with the viewer something to think about, isn't it? I hope this one's easy to love ;)

Sketches are back, more surprises to come

After a few months of trips, taking care of personal issues and unfinished business, (sorry for the delay on posting here ;) I also had the opportunity to make a few doodles here and there. A lot more sketches and surprises are available at http://papaboule.tumblr.com/ (actually, a blog exclusively to share sketches as you may know). Soon I'll be updating and redesigning the official website http://papaboule.com/, in the meantime I have been working on the FB page (Papaboule & Friends) trying to keep my friend's projects up to date as well as making new connections to share. It's been a hard and interesting year so far, I can't wait to throw all the new projects on the new official page. For the moment, I hope you like honest and raw sketches at http://papaboule.tumblr.com/  , so farewell until further notice. All the best.


What if Eve had ophidiophobia (fear of snakes)? Humanity wouldn't have been banned from paradise, being condemned to "sustain life through hard labor and the woman to create new life trough painful childbirth". Simple idea that seemed pretty nice to me, so I wanted to put on a t-shirt that primal moment where everything could have changed forever. 

Kick out the jams!

That's the name of the design I submitted this week to Threadless, today it has been approved for the Captain America challenge. Threadless is based on a community of artists and designers, who submit and vote t-shirt designs, looking for great originality. If you are a fan of t-shirts, there is some really cool stuff that you can't find anywhere else. It's been a long time since I wanted to contribute; the time has come and this is it: Kick out the jams! 
If you are interested in choosing the best designs for this or other challenges on course, have a look at www.threadless.com   It's really easy and I'm sure you're gonna like their stuff. Enjoy!


Finally and after a long wait and hard work, I can show you the final result of this packaging project. Done in collaboration with Cracker Your Wardrobe for KT&G (S. Korea), it has been a long way until the definitive product and one day I might show the history in images of the design process.
Nevertheless, the product came out with a bit of polemic after the launch campaign (which I have never worked for, by the way) but as far as I'm concerned, nobody saw it coming and all along the packaging design, there never was the slightest suspicion of anything remotely close to the issues that came with the campaign.

More images at www.papaboule.com


This is part of a few comic oriented works I'm recently doing. Pencil and ink. Even if this one's not a narrative sequence, I'm penciling a few pages that soon will be finished, probably will put the "in progress" pics here soon. 
I can't deny it, I always loved comics. When I was 17 I enroled in a comic Academy but left to study Fine Arts for the next 5 years. Probably one of the decisions that makes you choose one or another branch in the Tree of life. But Comics were always there, by right, being a strong influence in my style if i ever had one. Since last summer I can't help it to draw comics, and here is a page I did for a DC trial last week. I enjoyed a lot penciling it, and if I find a moment I'll ink and color it. For the moment, here it is. 4 panel page of Harley Quinn trying to find an "escape".

New work: Ride the lightning!

Hulk and Thor were always among my favorite comic characters, and given the powers they both deploy i've always wanted to depict a scene like this. Given that Thor is actually a God, it seems that Hulk hasn't got a chance, but against this green beast you can never be sure, the angrier he gets the stronger he becomes! Here's the deal: I wanted to suggest that Hulk's strength could eventually really get boosted by the lightning that he's actually trying to hold, making the very Mjölnir melt in an unusually powerful electric blast. Hulk's next punch would be pretty epic then... To give a more dramatic effect, the scene is taking place high above, with the rainfall and the city background both with a strong perspective. I think this one would make a nice cover for a comic book.

Summer works! God is in the details

"Evil is in the detail", many people say, and they're not wrong, at some point it's easy to understand it. But what about  "God is in the details" Nice one uh? It expresses the idea that whatever one does should be done thoroughly, details are important. And 3 portraits will make me remember this summer forever. You can see them full size at the web www.papaboule.com  , but here i wanted to take out the maginfying glass and share some zooms. The portraits are really big indeed, but at 72 screen resolution it's a pity to loose the details of the brushtrokes, textures qualities and hidden messages, wich all of them apply to the personality of the portrayed in many ways. I hope you enjoy discovering them.


Papaboule: 原油 RAW خام CRUDO 원시 먹는 CRU 淡褐色 ROH

I heard someone say that sketches are one of the most personal things an artist can share. Well i don't feel like an artist, like a friend says "art is the only way for the sensitive man, the ones who make it to their last days persevering and still believing, could truly carry the name of Artist". In the past, i didn't like to show my sketches, in general they're abrupt, anxious and far from what i really have inside so i was shy to show them, i have to admit, i felt them very personal and sort of unmoral to reveal them. But it's a new world and i have millions of pages full of drawings that would never see the light, rotting in the darkness of forgotten scrapbooks. But sketches from 15 years ago show me how rewarding is to keep working on the Trinity of hands, eyes and brain. I would love to share some of them and the ones that follow too, that's why i opned a tumblr blog for the purpose http://papaboule.tumblr.com/

Sketching is fantastic, it's freedom, kind of magic, and for the good reader, they can reveal or inspire many things. They're raw, honest and unconstrained. They are you.

Work in progress: Pencil, check. Ink, check. And more sketches coming soon!...

After a pretty hard week of networking, i found some time for progressing on this epic scene and i can't wait to see what comes from it. I'm specially intrigued on the effects of the powerful flashing lights of a thunderbolt itself. Then I would like to give it a nice perspective background to bring some depth for a dramatic effect. 
On the occasion of this post, I announce that, as soon i can,  I will be updating a new page on tumblr where I will share pics from my sketchbooks. I hope you will enjoy it as well.

Si Non Oscillas, Noli Tintinnare ("If you don't swing, don't ring")

Engines warming up in their first steps... slowly though :S After setting up the website, which actually never ends, then comes the never ending work on social exposure, twit, fb, tmblr...brrrrr!...Where on earth do people find time for all these things??! (or what are they NOT doing while they are doing time social networks, days are still 24 hours!!!) I just want to draw, but as this is my bread and butter, it comes with a price, i need exposure, something that never was among my favourite things in life. Necessary evil. Many channels, which i would like to use for showing differnet things, not always the same (what's the point?) I just want to draw, but this is now wonderland. Drawing makes me happy, but sometimes i feel like the recent sketch i found myself doing last week-end. If my energy and enthousiasm work as the locomotive, it's because it carries many wagons behind. Like they say in Conan, "what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger", and the scene of the wheel of pain (specially thanks to the song) reflects to me how life brings strength, and while you grow, you find yourself stronger than you ever thought, ready for challenges, ready for the new world. Get rid of your fears (that's the real enemy),  if you ever give up, you are lost, you don't deserve to live (doesn't mean you deserve to die though! :). Take breaks, relax, and sleep, but never give up, never forget where u come from, life is not short, life is long, life is no sprint, life is marathon. Don't believe the hype.

papaboule.com ready to rumble!

Still need to polish some last details, but the ship floats for the moment, and as promised, here is the website. I really  hope you enjoy it! http://www.papaboule.com/